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  1. Discover Gourmet Christmas Tree Decorations

A gourmet Christmas tree

A gourmet Christmas tree

It is always a pleasure to decorate the Christmas tree, and once all the ornaments are hung, it creates such a nice ambiance one’s home. What would you say to adding a few special decorations to the tree, just a couple days before Christmas? And not just any decorations… but edible ones! We are a cooking show after all! Here are few ideas for you :

  • Pick a few candies of your preference, and wrap them up with a little transparent cellophane gift wrap. Tie it up on each end with some colourful string, to resemble old fashioned hard candies.
  • To perfume your tree: using a satin ribbon, tie together a few sticks cinnamon and vanilla as well as some star anise.
  • In the beginning, people used fruit to decorate their Christmas trees; why not bring back this tradition? Apples that have a few dried cloves stuck in them make great gourmet Christmas ornaments, hung from a branch with a little transparent string. You can varnish them or leave them to dry naturally.
  • Set aside citrus peel so that you can use it to cut out shapes (stars, triangles, circles) which you can then string with raffia to make a pretty, perfumed garland. They will shrink as they dry, but it only increases the rustic charm factor!
  • How about this, it’s an inedible decoration, but still within the kitchen theme: take cookie cutters and insert a photo or decorative paper inside and then hang them on your tree with a ribbon

Have any of these ideas inspired you? Why not share with us what is hanging on your tree this Christmas?