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  1. Easy Holiday Appetizer Recipes

How to “Wow!” with appetizers for your holiday cocktail party

How to “Wow!” with appetizers for your holiday cocktail party

There’s no need to stress yourself out if you are planning on receiving guests during the holidays. Usually it’s the simplest things that are the best. Here are a few unique hors-d’œuvre ideas that are easy to prepare and will most certainly impress your guests.

A baguette dip dish
Take a baguette and cut it into several equal sections.  Then take each one and place it vertically and carve out a little hole for filling in with the dip. Serve them on a plate with vegetable sticks.  Each person take their own little bread bowl of dip and crudités with them!

A layered “verrine” is always a winner
Mash together some avocado and lime and make a layer of the mix on the bottom of some small transparent glasses.  Then, add some mini shrimp or crab chunks and top them off with some pink grapefruit suprêmes.  A beautiful mix, for the eyes as well as the palate.  And to top it off, it’s nice and light so your guests will still have room for the main course!

Asian spoons; a sure-fire hit!
Those big white porcelain spoons that you can find in just about every kitchen supply store nowadays are great for making a nice presentation.  Fill each spoon with: a date that has been cooked in the oven a few minutes to soften it, a bit of room-temperature cream or goat cheese, sprinkle the whole thing with bits of bacon and drizzle with honey or maple syrup.  You will see just how nice it looks when all put together.

Everyone likes a mini brochette
Putting meat on a skewer is an interesting way to “broach” the subject, so to speak.  As well as allowing guests to serve themselves, they are an easy-to-eat option since they don’t require any utensils.  Choose the meat and flavour according to your taste: slices of tenderloin seasoned with paprika and lime; chicken with peanut sauce; pork filet with teriyaki sauce; or perhaps some cubes of honey and rosemary salmon. The options are infinite for satisfying the meat-lovers’ appetites.

What are some winning appetizers that you like to serve during the holidays?