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  1. Exciting Easter Egg Hunt Ideas and Riddles

Memorable Easter Egg Hunts

Memorable Easter Egg Hunts

Only a few days before Easter! Are you short of ideas when it comes to organizing your family’s Easter egg hunt? Here are a few suggestions that can help make your quest for chocolate an exciting one… 

  • For children, an easy hunt is a must! Just give them a small basket and let them find, for example, 20 mini eggs that will lead to their "surprise" finale, which may be a chocolate hen or a basket of Spring games (asphalt chalk, jump rope, marbles ...).
  • Your teenagers can work a bit harder to get to their chocolate. Hunting must be a little harder with riddles and guessing games that lead them to their ultimate surprise. If you need more inspiration for riddles, know that there are many books at low prices in newstands and libraries with questions that vary in complexity. The whole family can participate. It is from this kind of activity that are born great memories!
  • If you choose to hunt outside, it is preferable to place the mini eggs in plastic eggs. This will prevent small animals or even your pet to find them before the children.

If your child is allergic to chocolate, you can replace the mini eggs with jelly beans or small theme figurines. The important thing is to take advantage of Easter morning and to have fun with your family!  Happy Easter!