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  1. Gardening Tips For Victoria Day Long Weekend

A long weekend!

A long weekend!

This upcoming long Victoria Day week-end is also known as gardening week-end for thousands of Canadians. This is actually the first long weekend of the summer, which means it’s a good time to prepare accordingly: the mild temperature is perfect for working outside and getting the BBQ out… Plus, it’s early enough in the season to start planting flowers and garden vegetables.

This year, why not choose more unusual vegetables or fruits for your garden? Because even if the tomato and cucumber are always much appreciated, why not give your produce a twist and go with blackberries or pickles? They are also very easy to grow, just check with your horticulturist.

And for those who have no available location in the yard, why not build a little garden directly on the balcony? It’s easy to plant cherry tomatoes, herbs and even small cucumbers! Let your imagination soar, your summer meals will only be tastier ... Not to mention the pride you’ll feel knowing you produced your own ingredients!

What types of plants do you like grow at home? Do you have a vegetable garden in the courtyard or on the balcony? Send us your tips for the long weekend!