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  1. Table Settings

Table Settings

Where does the dessert fork go? And what about the spoon, knife and napkin? Set an elegant table this holiday season with the help of our place setting refresher course.

Now that you've got a basic setting in place, add some extras to make your table truly special. These Kraft Kitchens tips can add pizzazz to your place settings with a few accessories.

Name Cards Napkin Rings Wineglass Charms Table Favours
Keep everyone in place with name cards. Make your own using pears. Cut a small slit in the top of the fruit and set a name card in it. Make simple rings by tying ribbon or twine around napkins. Slip a flower stem or leaf under the ring. Guests can keep tabs on their wineglass with delicate charms. Just slide them onto the stems of each glass. Set a small gift at each place setting. Fancy pens are a good choice - guests can use them to jot down their New Year's resolutions.


  • The food should be the focus and the dishes enhance the look. Busy patterns can detract from the food. Use simple coloured dishes that will enhance or brighten the food.
  • Using serving containers of different sizes, shapes and materials (glass or pottery) adds interest to the table.
  • To add pizzazz to a buffet table, elevate some of the dishes. To add height to a table try using tiered serving plates or serving trays. If you don't have tiered or pedestal dishes, create your own by using inverted baking pans, boxes or glass bowls. Simply place the tallest in the center of the table and the shortest toward the edges and cover items with a nice tablecloth.
  • Don't have a large tablecloth. A colourful flat bed sheet can work very well and makes a great easy-care tablecloth for clean up.
  • Use warming trays to keep hot foods hot. If you don't have any ask your neighbours or colleagues, chances are someone has one or two hanging around just waiting to be used.