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  1. The Best Food Ideas for Camping Trips

Camping gourmet style

Camping gourmet style

The month of September is well on its way, and we are still experiencing some nice weather.  So why not take advantage of the last few weekends of summery weather to do a little camping?  It’s an activity that has gained popularity at this time of year since the first month of autumn is the mildest. For the occasion we researchers have a few ideas to help make your outdoor excursions even more enjoyable.

Quick and easy and on the spot : Fish in a tin foil papillotes; just wrap up your turbot or halibut, sprinkle with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and add in a few thinly sliced carrots, green beans and potatoes. Then cook your papillote on the grill.  And serve with a few lemon wedges. Or: why not make an omelette with  a little “twist”? Cook a little duck confit or pancetta along with different coloured peppers; then add eggs and milk to whip up a real treat.  It is so easy to do and really delicious.

For freezing : So that you have more time for actual camping, you can also prepare some meals in advance that you just have to put in your cooler to unthaw when you are getting ready to go. Chilli con carne is a good one, you just have to add some shredded cheese when serving, or a nice homemade spaghetti sauce is another, then the only thing needed to make is the pasta.

Or how about a yummy minestrone soup that you can make ahead of time; it thaws out really nicely, and makes a great comfort food for these fresh September evenings.Make ahead: You can also make your food a day in advance (or the morning before you leave!), the flavour will improve with time and all you will have to do is heat them up for mealtime.  For example, marinate some chicken in plain yogourt, garlic and fresh herbs and then merely cook it up on the spot. You can also whip up a delicious rice and vegetable dish then at the last minute toss in a little shrimp and presto! Last but not least, why not pre-prepare your own Spanish gazpacho?  You won’t even need your propane stove for this tasty cold soup made with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.  And what a great dinner it will make!