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  1. Wine Pairing Ideas With Easter Ham

Drinks that go ham in ham…

Drinks that go ham in ham…

Easter Sunday is later in the month this year… And it’s coming up this very week-end. I love Easter, especially for the big family get-togethers it creates, not to mention the loads of delicious food served at Easter brunch!

The classic Easter ham is one of my personal favourites. I love everything that comes with it, the salads, the appetizers, the desserts… And the wine!

That’s right, wine. A lot of people might wander what type of beverage is best for an Easter meal, especially one with ham. You can go with a classic brunch-inspired fruity drink, or go ahead and serve that rosé you’ve been saving.

Keep in mind that ham is usually pretty salty with some sweetness added to it on the outside (brown sugar, honey, cloves, etc). So you’re looking for a wine that will pair well with salty, sweet and some spice.

You’ll want to opt for a very fruity, low tannin wine, preferably a Riesling, a rosé or light red wine like a Beaujolais or a Pinot Noir. You can also go for a rosé champagne or rosé bubbly, which are both nice and acidic, light-bodied with low tannins and tons of fruity flavour.