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  1. Wishing Happy Holidays

A Holiday Wish for Simplicity

A Holiday Wish for Simplicity

My 5 year old watches a little show about dinosaurs. One of the dinosaurs has a saying about eating more fish. When he hears this, I tease him and tell him that all Canadians need to see that show and be reminded to eat fish regularly. It’s healthy stuff. But, in addition to wishing people would eat everything they need to stay nourished and experience the vitality that comes from eating healthy and being active, my holiday wishes are simple…

I wish that everyone will have the time, if even just a few moments, during this special season to be reminded that the best things in life are often the simplest. They usually don’t even cost any money. Simple little things. Whether building a snowman with the kids, bundling up to walk and see a few Christmas lights while feeling the cold air on your face and hearing the snow crunch under your feet, coming in to a warm mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows melting into it, listening to a favourite song from the past and being reminded of happy times, visiting a dear friend…I could go on and on. Find joy in the simple things.

Take time to reflect on your favourite holiday memories and to make new ones. In our family, we have filled a jar with about 60 memory cards we’ve made. They say things like “What is your favourite Christmas treat and why?”, “What scent do you like best about Christmas?”, “Where is the farthest place you send a Christmas greeting to?” and many more. After Christmas dinner, we pass the jar around and everyone gets a chance to draw a card and share a memory and a holiday wish. It generates some great conversation and always lots of laughter.