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  1. 5 Tips for Your Best Lasagna Ever

5 Tips for Your Best Lasagna Ever

    Who doesn’t love lasagna? Cheesy, saucy, layers of deliciousness please the entire dinner table and left-overs keep you meal-prepped for days to follow. Check out our 5 tips for your best lasagna ever!


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    No Time to Boil? No problem.
    Tired of waiting for your noodles to boil? Skip it! Try no-boil noodles. Because they’re usually thinner than your cooked noodles, they’re better at absorbing sauce without getting soggy.

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    Your Pan is Important
    Look for a baking tray that is at least 3 inches deep. This way, there’s no overflowing and no mess in your oven.

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    Layer With Care 
    The first layer in your lasagna dish should always be a layer of sauce to avoid noodles sticking to the bottom of your pan. Then layer in noodles, followed by your cheese mixture, then more sauce. Repeat until you’ve reached the top! Extra Tip: The final layer of pasta should be covered in sauce to prevent the noodles from becoming brittle. A little bit of shredded cheese should sprinkle across the top.

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    Every Moment Counts 
    Cover the pan with foil before baking, then remove foil and bake for an additional 15 minutes. Now your top layer cheese becomes a delicious golden brown. After removing from the oven, let it sit for 10 minutes before cutting. This keeps your layers from immediately sliding apart.

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    Beware of Watery Veggies 
    Watery vegetables like mushrooms, squash, peppers, spinach, and even zucchini, may create a soupy lasagna. When using these veggies, sautée them first and drain off the excess liquid. Extra Tip: after sautéing fresh spinach, squeeze out all excess liquid and chop before using in your recipe. Alternatively use frozen chopped spinach that’s thawed and squeeze out all excess liquid.

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