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  1. Buffet Table Set-up

Buffet Table Set-up

A good-looking and well planned buffet table will make entertaining easy for you. Try these simple suggestions.
  • Set up your buffet on any large surface and in an area that has ample room to allow your guests to move around. A two-line buffet will allow a large number of guests to be served quickly.
  • Lay out the buffet in logical order.
    1. Place plates at one end of the table for guests to pick up and load with food.
    2. Arrange the food logically, keeping hot dishes together and separate from cold dishes. Start with the main dish and then move to vegetables, salads, and breads.
    3. To avoid juggling, place cutlery and beverages on a separate table at the end of the buffet. This will allow guests to move freely from one table to the next. Wrap flatware ahead of time in napkins. Secure with a ribbon or elastic.
    4. Dessert and coffee can be arranged in an area away from the main buffet. This way you don’t have to clean the buffet table in order to set up for dessert,

Click here for your printable plan.