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  1. Learn How To Grill Peppers

Learn How To Grill Peppers

How to grill a bell pepper

Summer is barbecue season! A great time to light up the grill and, well, grill your favourite foods. Personally, a vegetable I love to grill is the bell pepper. If you don’t know how to grill it properly, here is a quick how-to:

  • Start by "cleaning" the interior. Remove the seeds and the white fibers with a knife.
  • Then, brush the exterior with some olive oil and add salt and black pepper to taste.
  • Third step, put it on the grill with the skin on… but don’t roast it too long! As soon as the skin is slightly black, remove the peppers from the grill.
  • Finally: remove the skin and enjoy.

Another great trick is to roast the peppers al dente and refrigerate it a few minutes. It will regain its original form and you will be able to fill it with rice or your favourite vegetables. It’s a great side dish to meat or fish!