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  1. 4 Alternate and Delicious Nut Butters


Nut butters

Everyone has heard of peanut butter right? That creamy spread that is great on toast and is part of many people’s breakfast routine.  Did you know that there are a plethora of other nut butters out there? Here are a few examples that might be of interest to incorporate into your diet:

Soya butter : It has a more subtle taste than peanut butter.  It’s also a little oilier.  However, soya butter isn’t too bad as a breakfast spread and is also a good choice for Asian-style dressings.

Almond butter : This butter has a slightly sweet flavour and is very creamy.  It can be used in the confection of sweet dishes, such as muffins, cakes, as well as chocolate desserts.  It can also be added into condiments such as pesto or tapenades. Almond butter is also pretty good spread on toast!

Golden Pea Butter : One of the lesser known butters, it is usually found in natural food stores.  Its advantage is that it is a good substitute for people with peanut allergies.  It has a similar taste to a nut butter, without containing any nuts! The ingredients include different types of peas, canola oil and icing sugar.

Filbert butter : The filbert is essentially what we call a hazelnut, and in butter form it makes a perfect combo with chocolate. It is delicious spread on a little white cupcake, with a side of apple sauce and a dollop of honey. This butter, just like almond butter, can be used as an ingredient in Asian sauces.