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  1. 4 Types Of Bacon That Everyone Must Try


A Bacon Story

What’s better than a nice Sunday brunch with your family? Eggs, toasts, baked beans, hash browns... And the most essential of breakfast food: bacon!

Did you know that there are many types of bacon? Here are some examples:

American bacon: This is a common type of bacon made from the pig’s belly and preserved in salt before being smoked. The rind (skin) is removed before being sliced.

Canadian bacon: Contains less fat and calories than American bacon. It is also called back bacon since the meat is taken from the pig’s back.

Pancetta: This Italian-style bacon is preserved in salt with peppercorns and cloves. Traditionally, pancetta is not smoked. The meat is rolled (sausage-like) to preserve it and sliced as is.

Peameal bacon: This type of bacon, which we used in our Coast to Coast show last Saturday, is similar to Canadian Bacon. It is preserved in salt - but not smoked – before being covered with corn meal. Historically, it was rolled in grounded dried peas, hence the name.

So, next time you prepare a brunch-style meal, why not impress your guests with different types of bacon? This is an excellent way to create alternatives to the same old, same old!

For some great brunch recipes, don’t miss our next show... We have some great recipes for you.

Have you ever tried any of the above-mentioned types of bacon?  If so, send us your feedback!