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  1. Boost The Food Flavour With Flax Seed Oil


All about Flax

Flax is a cereal that is grown in fields, just like wheat for example.  Interestingly enough, Canada is the biggest flax producer and exporter in the world! It’s mainly grown in the Prairies. In the summer, the flax fields there are covered in little blue flowers.  It’s not until the fall that flax is harvested.

Where can we find flax seed?
Flax seed is easy to find in grocery stores, and is often sold in bulk.  It’s not very expensive to buy. You can find them in many foods, such as bread, muffins, cookies, granola bars or cereal mixes.  If you like, you can add them yourself to your dishes, by mixing a small amount into your morning yogourt, or even some meat recipes like hamburger patties, or meatloaf.

If you are interested in using flax seed oil (also called linseed oil) why not add a dash to salads, or cooked vegetables.  But be careful!  Flax seed oil doesn’t stand up well to cooking, so it’s better to use it as a flavour booster just before serving your food.

Storing flax seeds
To get the most out of your flax seeds, it’s best to grind them. And as flax is rather fragile, and will go rancid relatively quickly, it is better to store them in the fridge in an opaque container, or even better: in the freezer. In the case of flax seed oil, it oxidizes quickly so it’s recommended to buy a small amount and store it in the refrigerator.

There is a lot of information out there, so we recommend finding out more about the benefits of flax and the best way to incorporate it into your day to day diet. Then you can truly get the most out of what flax has to offer!