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Egg Animals

Use peeled, hard-boiled eggs for all of the following animals. These are just starters, but let your kids' imagination go wild. You will need toothpicks or a sticky material to hold attachments in place. You will also need the food items to make up the eyes, nose, mouth, feet, whiskers and tail. We've suggested some examples of easy to use "body parts" for animal building.

Eyes, nose, ear materials: coloured pepper pieces, dill pickles, cucumbers, olive slices, cherry tomatoes

Tails, arms, antennae materials: curls of carrot, lemon, lime zest, coiled green onion, match stick carrots or celery, pretzel sticks, shoestring licorice

Sticky materials: soft cream cheese, jam, peanut butter

Egg Butterfly
Egg Butterfly
  • Peel one hard cooked egg and cut it in half.
  • Lay it on a lettuce leaf, side by side with yolks facing up.
  • Place small pieces of coloured peppers around the outside of the "wings", on the outer edge of the yolk.
  • Use julienned carrot sticks for antennae.
Bunny Egg
Bunny Egg
  • Place a peeled hard-boiled egg on a bed of alfalfa sprouts inside an egg cup.
  • Slice 2 thin pieces off the sides of a black olive and place in alfalfa at the base of the egg for feet.
  • Slice 2 more thin pieces of black olives and attach to top of egg for ears.
  • Cut three small pieces of red pepper for eyes and nose and attach with small pieces of toothpick.
  • Use small pieces of shoestring licorice for the whiskers.
  • Don't forget to add a small broccoli floret for the fluffy tail.
  • Sit one peeled hard boiled egg on top of 4 cubes of cheese for feet.
  • Cut a small wedge on one end of the egg to form a mouth. Attach small pieces of green pepper for teeth.
  • On the other end of the egg, attach a small curly piece of green onion for the tail.
  • Cut a thin slice off of a baby dill pickle and cut slice in half. Attach each half to top of egg for round hippo ears.
  • Attach two small pieces of black olive for the eyes.
Spider Eggs
Spider Eggs
  • Use one peeled hard-boiled egg for the spider body.
  • Attach two green olive slices for eyes (leaving pimento stuffing in the center of the slice).
  • Cut 8 strips of a wiggly material such as bologna or cheese slices and attach to the underside of the egg for the legs.