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  1. Festive Fun for Kids

Festive Fun for Kids

This holiday season, keep your little elves busy with a playful project they're sure to love. There's nothing quite like letting them use their imaginations to decorate some festive cookies, design a colourful and yummy cookie house or create great outdoor decorations for the birds. Just choose from one of the many giggle-inducing options - and let the fun begin.

Winter holidays are a great time to cook up seasonal traditions for your family. Bring out the hot chocolate, unplug the phone and enjoy time with the kids. We polled elves across Canada for their ideas on how to make these days extra special.

  1. Get ready to wrap by letting kids create their own wrapping paper. Have them draw on rolls of plain paper. For a festive look, add lots of glitter glue.
  2. Pizza and a puzzle make any afternoon special. Pop a frozen pizza in the oven and gather the family around the table to conquer a challenging jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Design t-shirts for gifts that will always be in style. Fabric paint can turn plain cotton t-shirts into cool garb.
  4. Set the stage for fun by hosting a family talent show, followed by festive cupcakes for all the performers.
  5. Set up a greeting card company for handmade cards. Give young artists paper, glue, bits of fabric, stickers, markers and paint to create their own personalized masterpiece.
  6. Take out the family photo albums and look for favourite photographs to make calendars or special scrapbooks as gifts for relatives.
  7. Feel the holiday spirit when you spend a family day helping out at a food bank or other charity. Be sure to schedule an afternoon for everyone to sift through their cupboards for clothes and toys to donate.
  8. Let it snow inside the house by cutting out construction paper snowflakes. Paint or colour them with crayons and hang them from doors and window frames.
  9. Bundle up and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels or go ice skating. Back inside, warm up with our Last-Minute Meatball Sandwich.
  10. Bake Chocolate-Candy Cane Cupcakes and set up a decorating station. They're tons of fun for kids to decorate and make great gifts for teachers and friends.
  11. Make your own garland by stringing pop corn and fresh cranberries.  Make garlands as long or as short as you like and loop around outdoor trees of any size.
  12. Have a tree decorating party using homemade decorations like Festive JELL-O Popcorn Balls.

These easy activities are so much fun, your family will look forward to repeating them year after year.