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  1. Maximize Calcium in the Lunch Box

Maximize Calcium in the Lunch Box

Calcium is one of the key nutrients that help kids grow.

Did you know that most of bone development happens during childhood and the teenage years? Calcium helps build stronger, denser bones during this important time. Between the ages of four and eight, children need about 800 mg daily. As teenagers, 1300 mg of calcium per day is recommended. The best sources of this bone-building mineral are milk and dairy products. A glass of milk is still the easiest way to boost calcium, but what else can you do? The answer lies in the lunch box! Aim to pack in at least a third of kids' daily requirements at lunch. We've come up with some creative lunchtime calcium boosters. They're yummy and pack a big calcium punch!

We have great ideas to maximize calcium in your kids’ lunches.

View our printable list of Calcium Counts. This will help you determine how much calcium your child needs for healthy growth.