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  1. Outdoor Decorating Ideas - For the Birds!

Outdoor Decorating Ideas - For the Birds!

Attracting birds to your yard not only brings a dash of colour, but makes for fascinating entertainment. It's easy to create outdoor decorations that will also provide plenty of food for our feathered friends.

Peanut Butter Pine Cone Feeders

Collect pine cones of all different sizes. Stuff the spaces of the pinecones with Kraft Peanut Butter and then roll in bird seed. Attach a string or festive ribbon to the top and hang as edible ornaments on outdoor trees.

Orange or Grapefruit Feeders

Cut an orange in half across the centre. Scoop out the flesh and poke three holes through the rind, each being 1/3 of the way around. Tie string through the holes leaving room at the top to tie onto the tree. Fill the hollowed out orange half with bird seed, suet or a mixture of peanut butter and bird seed.

Wildlife Mini Wreath Ornaments

Using thread and a needle, string alternating pieces of popcorn, cut apples, grapes and cranberries until you have about 6-8 in. long. Cut thread and tie ends together to create a loop or mini wreath. Attach a piece of ribbon and hang on outdoor trees.