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  1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep a gang of kids busy on a long summer afternoon. You can keep things simple and hide treats around the backyard. Or make it a real adventure complete with clues and treasure where X marks the spot!

Check out our ideas below, and don't forget to print off our list of hiding places and prize checklist.

The classic scavenger hunt starts with a list of items you want the kids to find, based on a theme. Divide them into teams - whichever team comes back in the shortest amount of time with the most items is the winner.

It's elementary. A treasure hunt usually starts with a clue that leads to a hiding place, which contains another clue, and so on. Clues can be riddles, maps or puzzles. You can divide the kids into teams, or let them try to figure out the clues together.

Creativity rules! Kids love themes and are more than happy to get into character. Think detectives solving crimes, pirates looking for buried treasure, or early explorers searching for gold! Tailor your prizes to your theme with candy gold coins, eye patches, magnifying glasses, or costume jewelry.

Remember safety. As you're hiding the clues or planning your scavenger hunt, make sure kids don't have to walk across the road or enter a stranger's property. Also, remember to hide items at kids' level.

Backyard Lunch Scavenger Hunt
Turn your backyard into a quick lunchtime scavenger hunt. You can serve lunch and keep the kids busy by hiding delicious treats around the yard. Start with sandwiches served at the picnic table, then let the kids find the rest of their lunch. Use Kraft Singles to liven up their sandwiches or serve them by themselves on the side. Del Monte Fruit Beverages provide cool refreshment. For dessert, your kids will treasure Jell-O Pudding Snacks and baggies of their favourite cereal. The kids will adore the adventure of scouring the yard, and because it's outdoors, it means easy clean-up for you.

Hide and Seek Tips:

  • Make sure all food is wrapped in plastic wrap or a resealable bag.
  • Don't hide food too long before lunch or the kids may be competing with the local squirrels to eat it.
  • Put beverages in the freezer for a while before placing outside, that way they'll still be cold when the kids find them.
  • Make a list of hiding places to ensure you don't forget anything the kids don't find.