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Golden ears of sweet corn are one of summer's true delights! While a simple, butter-drenched ear is the classic way to enjoy sweet corn, kernels cut from the cob are quite versatile. Toss them in a salad, summer chowder and salsa, or sauté with fresh herbs for a quick side dish.


  • Many supermarkets and farm stands begin offering just-picked, locally grown corn in July and the harvest often extends well into September.


  • In general, yellow corn has large, full-flavoured kernels and white corn has small, sweeter-flavoured kernels. Bicolour corn has both yellow and white kernels.
  • Select ears of corn with soft, bright green husks that fit tightly against the kernels. The silk should be golden and moist like grass.
  • Avoid the urge to tear back the husk and inspect the corn. This causes the kernels to lose moisture and freshness.


  • The natural sugar in corn begins turning to starch the moment the ear is picked. For the sweetest corn, use it on the same day it is purchased. Otherwise, refrigerate ears with their husks and silk intact for no more than 1 day.


  • To shuck corn, strip the husks and silk from the ear. Snap the husk and stem off the bottom. Remove any remaining silk strands with a vegetable brush. Cut away any blemished kernels and rinse under cold water.
  • To cut kernels from the cob, break the ear in half. Working with one half at a time, hold it upright, flat end down. Use a sharp knife to cut straight down between the kernels and the cob. One ear yields about 1/2 cup kernels.
  • Ears of corn can be boiled, steamed, grilled, microwaved or roasted.
  • Cut kernels can be boiled, steamed, sautéed or microwaved.


  • Sprinkle buttered ears of corn with Kraft Grated Parmesan instead of salt.
  • Toss corn kernels in with the other vegetables in a mixed green salad and top with your favourite Kraft Dressing.
  • Perk up your favourite chilli or taco meat filling by adding some fresh corn kernels.

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