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Loose dark green leaves. Tender and delicately flavoured. Spinach is best when steamed or quickly stir fried, it can also be eaten raw in salads. Spinach is a source of vitamin A, C and iron.


  • Year round


  • Buy fresh unblemished green leaves.


  • Remove rubber bands, all that togetherness promotes rotting
  • Store uncleaned up to 3 days in plastic bag in refrigerator.
  • Refrigerate clean, dry spinach between paper towels in zipper-style plastic bag for up to 3 days.


  • Spinach and certain other greens hold a lot of dirt and must be thoroughly washed before using. Fill sink with cold water swish spinach around until dirt comes off. Repeat this process two or three times, using clean water each time, until no more dirt clings to spinach. Dry spinach.
  • Frozen spinach must be thawed and well drained before use. Using a small strainer and the back of a large spoon press all water out of the thawed spinach.


  • Use spinach in place of lettuce in your favourite salad.
  • Toss spinach into hot pasta.

Spinach Recipes